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Please join us to change Intellectually challenged children’s world for good !!

      • Please JOIN Anuraag Foundation’s 2021 Fall
      • VIRTUAL Walk/Run
      • between October 05 – October 15 at
      • Any Place,
      • Any time
      • convenient to you 

                             How VIRTUAL WALK/RUN  works


       Register for 5k walk/run Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


       Make a donation (optional)  Please click on “Donate” button on top right corner of this page


      Walk/run at your own time, place and distance (preferably 5k)  or Indoors on a Tread Mill during the period October 5th – October 15th.


       Enter your distance (miles/KM) and time CLICK HERE TO ENTER


      Please join the virtual concluding session at 5:00pm – 6:00pm on Friday, October 15th  (Zoom session)Join Zoom Meeting 

                  ZOOM MEETING CANCELLED             

    SPONSOR A DAY at Anuraag School
    • $250 or more ( or just $21 per month) will sponsor a Day at the school
    • You can sponor a day on your name or your family members name
    • "Annadanam" (Special Lunch will be served to the children on your name
    • If your employer match donations, just $125 (or just $11 per month) will Sponsor a Day.
    • All contributions are 100% tax-deductible
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    RAJA POSHAK (Sponsor A Day For Ever)
    • Associate your name permanently with a good cause by 'Sponsoring a Day' for ever
    • through a one timefixed deposit of Rs 2 Lakhs or $4000
    • Interest earned on this amount will Sponsor a Day on your name or family memebers name for ever (every year on the day you pick)
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    • Sponsor A Child: $2 a day ($730 per year or $62 per month) will sponsor education of ONE mentally challenged child per year
    • If your employer match donations, $365 of your donation + $365 of employer match will sponsor a kid

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    Please help Anuraag Foundation when you shop at Amazon!!!

    • Amazon contributes 4% – 10% of your purchase to Anuraag Foundation.
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