Suggested Donation Options

Suggested Donation Options:

  •  General Donation – any amount from your heart is welcome.
  • Sponsor-A-Day at School$250 or more (just $21 per Month) will Sponsor a  Day  at school on your name or family member name. Annadanam (Special Lunch)  will  be served to children on your name.
  • Raja Poshak – Sponsor-A-Day for ever – One time Donation of Rs 2 Lakhs (or)  $4000 – the interest earned on this fixed deposit will  Sponsor-A-Day at school on  your name for ever (every year on the day you pick)
  • Sponsor-A-Kid: $2 a day ($730 per year or $62 per month) will sponsor education  of ONE mentally challenged child per year
  • Dollar-A-Day ($365 per year or $31 per month) will meet partial expenses of  educating one mentally challenged child
  • $100 will help to provide a meal to one mentally challenged child for one year