Raja Poshak


Associate your name with a good cause permanently by Sponsoring a Day on your name or family member’s name for ever (every year on the day you pick )

How it works:

  •    One time donation of $4000 – this amount will be fixed deposited in India and will earn an interest of around  $250 per year.
  •   This interest amount will sponsor a day on your name or family members name for ever(every year on the day you pick)
  •    Annadanam (special Lunch will be served on your name to the kids in the school)
  •   If your employer match donations, your donation of $2000 and employer match of $2000 will make you Raja Poshak

Donations are Tax-deductible:

  •   Donations in USD are tax deductible in USA
  •   Fixed deposit will be on Anuraag’s name
  •   Interest will be automatically deposited to Anuraag’s account.

Donate at your convenience:

  •    Donors can donate this amount of $4000 in one of the following ways.
    • in one installment of $4000
    • 4 installments of $1000 each
    • 8 installments of 500 each

Donate Monthly:

  • Donors can donate this amount of $4000 in monthly Installments.
    • Monthly $300 for 13 months
    • Monthly $200 for 20 months
    • Monthly $100 for 40 months
  • If you Employer match donations to Anuraag Foundation
    • Monthly $100 your donation + $100 your Employer match
    • for 20 months